What I do
Concept and User Experience design

Who I am

Hi! I am Jacco Nieuwland (1970) and I have been solving UX challenges for over twenty years. After studying information technology and working as a programmer for a couple of years, I transitioned into the UX design field two decades ago, talking to and understanding users and creating innovative solutions that solve their problems.


What I do

I enjoy bringing ideas and requirements to life, from paper concept sketches all the way to interactive prototypes. Within projects, I communicate just as well with business stakeholders as with visual designers and programmers. 

With a strong background in IT, I love to solve the complex puzzles that are created when business requirements and user needs meet (or fail to meet). 

I communicate the solutions to these puzzles by creating visualisations, ranging from high-level concept maps to user journeys, service blueprints and finally sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, designs and interactive prototypes.

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