OPUS - Music intelligence platform
OPUS is a digital music intelligence platform consisting of a highly user-friendly dashboard, providing WMG with up-to-date and tailored data insights that assist with the right business decisions.
2019 - 2020
As Senior UX designer and Product Owner, I worked within the agile frontend team at CleverºFranke to continually improve the OPUS product. For nine months I worked on concepting new functionalities and refining existing ones.

For this, I worked closely with the client stakeholders in prioritising roadmap items, refining designs and making sure the product retained its ease of use.

Within CleverºFranke, I worked in an agile team, where we would use a 2-week sprint setup. We always tried to keep main design activities one sprint ahead of development, so that we could already show designs in the sprint planning. This setup also meant that we left enough time to do testing at the end of the sprint, and do ad hoc design tasks during the sprint.

During my time at CleverºFranke, we also started to create a design system in Sketch. The project and the product had grown over time, so that the need for a central documentation of design guidelines was necessary. This design system helped us keep the designs more consistent and decreased the time needed for creating new designs.