HvA Student Portal
A concept design for the new Student Portal for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Jun - Sep 2020
The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) is in the process of creating and developing a new Student Portal that gives all students a single point of access to the various systems used by the University.

After conducting a number of interviews with stakeholders, and reading all of the available research and documentation, I created a high-level concept diagrams to understand and communicate the way the various systems need to be integrated. We discussed the optimal solution for the portal and decided on the positioning of the Portal.

The next step was to determine for which scenarios we would create the required screens, so that we could communicate the functioning of the portal and do a user test with the interactive prototype. Upon agreeing on three scenarios, I started creating wireframes and created visual designs for these screens.

I then created an interactive prototype from these screens, adding states and interactions. We then held user tests to gather feedback from students, trying to see whether they understand the concept of the portal and appreciate the integration of the various systems.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but there was enough constructive feedback to further improve the concept designs for the final delivery. This concept will now need to be taken into the next step of the development of the portal.