ZorgDomein - UX design
ZorgDomein offers patients and their care professionals insight in the availability of care, letting them find the best available care.
2016 - 2019
I have worked on several projects within ZorgDomein, providing UX expertise in various stages of projects

For the Patiëntoverleg project, I worked on the initial MVP version of the product, with the business owner and lead developer. We collaborated on the design of the mobile application screens, leading to a very quick first implementation of the product. This was ZorgDomein's first experience with a dedicated UX designer on one of their projects.

Ongoing UX support
When I returned to ZorgDomein about a year after the Patiëntoverleg project, there was a full team of UX professionals in place. I supported that team on various projects, joining in project sprints and designing screens and communicating those designs to developers. I also supported the UX team with their creation of a design system in Figma, drastically improving speed of design, consistency and professionalism across the company.